• Fall Gardening

    24th Oct 2020

    Fall Gardening

    By planting a garden during the fall you are extending the growing season and allowing more time for earlier crops to finish harvesting.During this season moisture levels are higher so you don’t have…

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  • Fall Lawn Fertilizing

    24th Oct 2020

    Fall Lawn Fertilizing

    Fertilizing your lawn is essential for overall health. A healthy lawn results in a lush and green appearance as well as strong root development. A strong root system helps fight of heat, cold, drought…

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  • Plant Strawberries in Fall

    9th Oct 2020

    Plant Strawberries in Fall

    Now is the time to plant if you want delicious strawberries next spring.Strawberries can be planted in the ground or in containers.  Be sure to use a nutrient rich soil like one of our Jungle Gro…

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