Fall Lawn Fertilizing

Fall Lawn Fertilizing

24th Oct 2020

Fertilizing your lawn is essential for overall health. A healthy lawn results in a lush and green appearance as well as strong root development. A strong root system helps fight of heat, cold, drought, mowing, traffic and other seasonal stresses. To maintain a healthy lawn, it is recommended to feed 4 times a year. Stay on track by putting your lawn on a Lawn Fertilizer Program; this includes the timing, application and specific fertilizer product to use.


However you decide to fertilizer, be sure to apply evenly to avoid burning the lawn in areas. Also, always wear gloves when handling fertilizer. It is NOT recommended to fertilizer during extremely hot climates.

The easiest and most effective way to fertilizer your lawn is by using a spreader. Every type of spreader is different, and the size and type of lawn also makes a difference. Follow the instructions on the spreader for even distribution.

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